Red Jasper Hemp Necklace

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This little beauty is a Red Jasper Point. It will add the perfect touch of color to any outfit. It's also an excellent "worry bead," calming the emotions when played with. Have a big interview? Going on a first date? Just bring your Red Jasper necklace along! I have hand braided this necklace using black wax hemp cord. It is adjustable to any lengths by pulling on the ends and shortening. At it's longest, the necklace is 24 inches in length; not including the crystal. The crystal itself is around 2 1/4" long. The crystal will hang below the collarbone just above the bust. Perfect for the Heart Chakra.

❤ Jasper - Specifically Red Jasper, is gently stimulating. It can ground energy and rectifies situations. It is known as the "supreme nurturer." The stone brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into the most difficult situations. It cleans and stabilizes the aura, and strengthens your boundaries.

❤ Heart Chakra (24 inches, Matinee) - Emotional empowerment, love, trust, and compassion.

Please keep in mind that all crystals are delicate and need to be handled with care. Keep Jewelry dry to protect the finish of the hemp.

◄ All of my jewelry is carefully handmade with dedication and love. Each crystal is hand chosen and hand drilled. I put all of my pieces together by doing whatever speaks to me. I love what I do and I hope you love showing it off :)