Quartz Copper Wire Drop Earrings

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3 1/4" long earrings featuring a copper wire wrapped Quartz crystal on a 1 1/2" antique copper chain dropping from a copper ear wire. 

Perfect for dressing up a simple look, or just to look overall badass! 

❤ Quartz are know as the supreme gift of mother nature. This is the most widely known crystal and can bring so much into your life. They work on all levels of healing. Also known as a "master healer" crystal, they enhance the wearer's ability to focus and manifest intention. It is a very versatile crystal which amplifies the effects of any other healing minerals present. It offers clarifying, energizing, and protective healing energies. It is a gorgeous and versatile crystal and a must-have staple for anyone interested in geology or crystal healing. The world of quartz is often occupied by frosty white tones, linear inclusions, speckles, "ghosts", and occasionally even rainbows, giving each crystal it's own unique personality! 

Please keep in mind that all crystals are delicate and need to be handled with care. Keep Jewelry dry to protect the finish of the wiring.

◄ All of my jewelry is carefully handmade with dedication and love. Each crystal is hand chosen, wrapped, and hand drilled. I put all of my pieces together by doing whatever speaks to me. I love what I do and I hope you love showing it off :)