Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone Necklace

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This is a beautiful handmade, delicate necklace with Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone on a silver chain. Perfect touch to any outfit or only wearing it for that special occasion!

◄ Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. In balance, harmony brings deep inner self-knowledge. It also, helps you to confront the truth and accept what it teaches. It bonds relationships in love and friendship.

◄ Moonstone is a "stone of new beginnings." It is strongly connected to the moon and to the intuition. Moonstone calms overreactions to situations and to emotional triggers.

Ladies, the Moonstone helps the reproductive system, excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding. Keep in mind, you may need to remove the necklace at the full moon as the energies can become very strong.

❤ Heart Chakra (24 inches, Matinee) - Emotional empowerment, love, trust, and compassion. (Recommended to connect with emotions)

Please keep in mind that all crystals are delicate and need to be handled with care. Keep Jewelry dry to protect the finish of the metals.